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Partners-In-Change (PIC)

Supporting labor and management in building better organizations

FMCS offers training and mediation services in organizational development, focusing on building understanding around environmental assessment, visioning, and change processes.
Partners in Change
A program that explores organizational development with labor and management as partners.

PIC is a program for organizations already committed to building or expanding a cooperative labor-management relationship. Participants explore their full partnership potential by:

  • Analyzing their organization’s current cultural, political, and technical systems
  • Exploring the elements of a high performance workplace
  • Identifying separate and jointly-held perceptions of the organization
  • Creating a joint vision of the future
  • Initiating a joint change process
  • Developing necessary skills to bring about the desired change

The PIC program is based on three principles:

  1. Change must be managed proactively, not passively
  2. People must be treated in a fair and positive manner
  3. New skills are required in a organization to manage change.

PIC is designed for labor and management leadership from one organization. While the organization’s labor relations professionals and international union representatives should be involved, it is essential to have the organization’s top labor and management decision makers participate in the entire program.

Topics and Goals:

  • Introduction to PIC
  • Labor-management cooperation
  • The elements of high performance work systems
  • Understand organizational systems
  • Organizational culture
  • Organizational change
  • Skills building
  • The state of the organization
  • Look toward the future
  • Make the transition from present to future

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